about us

Welcome to Y. Lulu!  If you're looking for clean, safe, inexpensive place to stay on Hachijojima keep us in mind.  Our daily room rate is only 5,500 yen per person. We are airport close (about a 5 min. walk) but surprisingly quiet.  To help cut down on costs we don't offer meals, but can easily recommend some good places to eat. Pets are okay and we have Free WiFi.  Air conditioning is available at an additional cost of 500 yen per day.  We hope you have an enjoyable stay on Hachijojima and hope to make you feel at home here at Y. Lulu!

Recommended Places for Shopping (please see attached video)
Asanuma Supermarket 
Because we don't offer meals we recommend you stock up for your stay at Asanuma Supermarket.  There is a community fridge at the Lodge for guests to use.  

Jersey Cafe
Attached to Asanuma Supermarket is a small cafe serving various drinks, cakes and soft cream.  The cafe uses milk produced right here from Hachijojima's very own dairy.  Stop in and take a break in its relaxing atmosphere.

Okago Pharmacy
On the way to Asanuma is Okago Pharmacy.  The supermarket sells some simple toiletries but the pharmacy has a wider selection.  Plus, it carries a wide range of medicine just in case you wind up feeling under the weather during your stay. 

Crayon Stationary Shop
Just across the street from Okago Pharmacy is Crayon Stationary Shop.  They sell a wide selection of things, but we'd like to highlight its selection of beach going needs; such as beach sandals, snorkel kits (snorkel, fins, mask) and other beach going necessities to make your day at the seaside more enjoyable.